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Ports im FreeBSD Portbaum suchen

Mit Hilfe von pkg_search kann im FreeBSD Portbaum nach Ports gesucht werden. Im Portbaum findet man pkg_serch unter ports-mgmt/pkg_search:

# cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg_search && make install clean

Nun kann mit pkg_search nach einem Schlüsselwort gesucht werden:

# pkg_search ports
jasperreports-3.0.0_1   JasperReports is a powerful open source Java reporting tool
p5-UNIVERSAL-exports-0.05       Lightweight, universal exporting of variables
nagios-check_ports-0.6.1        Nagios Plugin to monitor your FreeBSD Ports
kports-0.6.1_5          KDE3-Version of your favorite frontend to the Ports
kports-0.8.1_1          Qt4-Version of your favorite frontend to the Ports
portscout-0.7.4_2       A tool to scan for new versions of FreeBSD ports
portsearch-1.3.2        Port searching tool that supports search by packing list files
portsman-0.2_2          An ncurses based front-end to manage the FreeBSD ports collection
portsopt-1.4            Shows WITH(OUT)-knobs of a port makefile
symports-1.0            Automatically generate symlinks for virtual categories
gtkportscan-1.2_4       A simple port scanner that prints out open ports
portscanner-1.2_1       A simple and easy to use TCP port scanner
portsentry-1.2          Port scan detection and active defense

Sollen zusätzliche Informationen wie die URL des Ports in die Suche aufgenommen werden, kann die -k Option verwedent werden:

# pkg_search -k firefox
de-bsdforen-firefox-searchplugin-0.3_2  Firefox searchplugins for the board and wiki
de-bsdgroup-firefox-searchplugin-0.2_3  Firefox searchplugins for the board
firefox-,1    Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
firefox-i18n-   Localized interface for Firefox
firefox-remote-20040803_3       Wrapper scripts for firefox web browser
firefox-3.0.14,1        Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
firefox-3.5.r3,1        Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
firefox3-i18n-3.0.13    Localized interface for Firefox3
firefox-3.5.3,1         Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
firefox35-i18n-3.5.3    Localized interface for Firefox3.5
linux-firefox-3.0.14,1  Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
linux-firefox-devel-3.0.b2_1    Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
conkeror-20090821       A completely keyboard driven browser based on firefox
xpi-firefox-showcase-0.9.5      Easily locate and select any open browser window
xpi-firefoxonwooztalk-0.9.9,1   Meet your World Wide Web neighbors with Firefox
xpi-live_http_headers-0.15      A firefox extension to view HTTP headers
xpi-modify_headers-0.6.6        A firefox extension to manipulate HTTP headers
xpi-twitterfox-1.8.3    twitterFox firefox plugin.

Möchte man angezeigen in welchem Verzeichnis sich der Port befindet, verwendet man die -r Option:

# pkg_search -r firefox 
de-bsdforen-firefox-searchplugin-0.3_2  /usr/ports/german/bsdforen-firefox-searchplugin
de-bsdgroup-firefox-searchplugin-0.2_3  /usr/ports/german/bsdgroup-firefox-searchplugin
firefox-,1    /usr/ports/www/firefox   
firefox-i18n-   /usr/ports/www/firefox-i18n
firefox-remote-20040803_3       /usr/ports/www/firefox-remote
firefox-3.0.14,1        /usr/ports/www/firefox3  
firefox-3.5.r3,1        /usr/ports/www/firefox3-devel
firefox3-i18n-3.0.13    /usr/ports/www/firefox3-i18n
firefox-3.5.3,1         /usr/ports/www/firefox35 
firefox35-i18n-3.5.3    /usr/ports/www/firefox35-i18n
linux-firefox-3.0.14,1  /usr/ports/www/linux-firefox
linux-firefox-devel-3.0.b2_1    /usr/ports/www/linux-firefox-devel
xpi-firefox-showcase-0.9.5      /usr/ports/www/xpi-firefox-showcase
xpi-firefoxonwooztalk-0.9.9,1   /usr/ports/www/xpi-firefoxonwooztalk

Mehr Informationen zu pkg_search findet man in der Manpage pkg_search(1).



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